There is a legend that many years ago all human beings on earth were speaking on a single language. One day they have decided to attain God by building the Tower of Babel tall enough to reach the Heaven. The God got angry and punished the humanity by confounding their speech and scattering them all around the world. From that moment people were separated by language barriers forever. Until today. Today we will discuss a product based on the last technologic achievement named LangPie. LangPie is a blockchain based application providing interpreting services instantly and all around the world, namely it is breaking all language barriers between every person on earth. Remember all those times when you go on holiday or on a business trip in a country the native language of which you don’t know. All those issues arising while speaking to a foreigner, moreover, in case when the subject of discussion is not a trivial one. Sure, you can hire a full-time interpreter and you will not know any problem during your trip, but such cost is not affordable for the vast majority of ordinary people. More than that, the interpreter that you have hired may not be a specialist in every requested field and in that case he will not be able to provide you with a qualified translation. Now all those issues can be solved by a single and simple solution called LangPie, which is a user-friendly application on your smartphone establishing a connection with a professional interpreter in split seconds for a fair price.

Web-site and White Paper

As usual our ICO review starts with an examination of the project’s web-site and its white paper. The web-site instantly situates us to a friendly and amiable atmosphere, the whole requested information about the platform and the application itself is clearly described and complemented with infographic insertions. For those who want to acquire more specific information about the project and its technical, financial and market models can take a look on its White Paper. That outstanding document provides additional information on the project’s aims, exclusive features of the application available to clients and interpreters, according to a market research the founders explain the financial model of the project as well as the possible ways of services’ monetization.


An outstanding team is at the core of success. LangPie’s team consists of 6 members and for instance there are 2 advisors. Here is some brief information about the main members:

  • Cedric Hung– CEO, Cedric is an entrepreneur, his main aims are to establish effective business strategies. Since the introduction of Ethereum in 2013, Cedric is a blockchain enthusiast, he believes that if this technology would be implemented in all spheres of our lives a new era of human development will begin.
  • Nastya Moroz is LangPie’s project manager, she is establishing priorities in the whole process of the project development, she is responsible for well-timed fulfillment of the company’s aims.
  • Khaled Essghaier – is the main developer of the project, he has more than 6 years of experience. His main specialization in development is integration of VoIP protocols in mobile applications. Last 2 years he studied Solidity development and worked with platform based on the blockchain technology.

Financial evaluation

In the project’s white paper, the founders draw a brief picture of the current situation on the market. It is mentioned that over-the-phone interpreting services account for 4,2% of the global language market (or 1,713 billion USD). LangPie’s team expect that by the end of the first year coming after successful launch of their platform they will be able to occupy 10% of the market share (or 171 million USD). Hereafter, you will find their graph describing potential profit of the company relatively to the amount of downloads of their mobile application.

Our editor’s office has made a careful study of the market. The solutions provided by presented companies are not meeting the latest global requirement for providing modern and user-friendly mobile applications. Moreover, in the most cases the prices and the method of payment for interpreting services stay questionable and unclear. It is also worth noting that interpreting services provided by companies operating on the current language market are offered by permanent employees, which means that the clients do not have any possibility to get information about their qualification and all that remains is to have the company’s word for it.
In contrast, the solution proposed by the LangPie startup implicates a simple and user-friendly web and mobile applications supported by every modern gadget. The rate scale for interpreter’s services is clearly explained in the white paper and it is not subject to serious alterations. The rating system fully integrated in the platform represents the icing on the pie cake, it will grant users with the ability to choose an interpreter the most suiting to their price and qualification requirements.
Taking into account all above mentioned factors we tend to believe that the estimated profits indicated by the founders of the project are very plausible. Moreover, we suppose that with prompt support in form of investments and valuable partnerships the platform could show even better growth rates granting bigger returns.


LangPie – is a very promising project, we can agree with the fact that if it will be successfully launched and promoted it will create a true revolution on the over-the-phone interpreting market. We consider that in contrast to hundreds junk and doubtful ICO platforms appearing everyday, LangPie is one of the rare projects that will bring vast positive changes to the market and that is why it is very and very investment attractive. It is worth noting that the founders of the project grant a 50% bonus for those investors who will contribute their money during the Pre-ICO crowdsale. Due to that fact, even though there is no restriction on the minimal amount of contribution, we strictly recommend investing in this project starting from 5 ETH, we are sure that in future you will enjoy sustainable returns on investments. We also assign to LangPie our September’s “ICO of the Month” award and rate it with 9 points out of 10.

  • John John

    Interesting concept. Basically, it will allow people to have a language assistant in their pocket, for very low price

  • Alison

    concept is very good, it seems this will be a competitor of google translate, very good to be developed, the competition will result in improvement

  • Mike Smith

    This is a very ambitious idea. Without a doubt, this is necessary, especially for people who have recently moved to another country and do not know language.